Atlas the Weightlifting Gnome statue

Atlas the Weightlifting Gnome statue
by artist Liam Manchester

Tired of having bigger gnomes kick sand in your face? Ever since artist Liam Manchester first pored over Charles Atlas ads in the back of superhero comics, he's envisioned a trainer like our Atlas gnome to help make him a man and tone his abs the gnome way! Whether you're into body building, power lifting, strength training or just pure nostalgia, our Design Toscano exclusive muscle man will match you pound for pound with his leather weight lifting boots, lion suit and wild gnome hat. Cast in quality designer resin and hand painted with fun-loving detail, our foot-tall elf collectible will be your favorite new gym rat as he finds a proud place around garden, deck or desktop!

Width: 27 cm Depth: 13 cm Height: 29 cm
Weight: 1.5kg
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DT QM14014
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